Current Collaborations and Special Projects

Delfos in Context

Once or twice annually, Frontera Arts organizes and hosts trips to Mazatlán, México for presenters, service organizations, collaborators and dance faculty who are interested in working with Delfos. It is an opportunity to engage with Delfos Artistic Directors one on one exploring possibilities for engagements, exchanges and partnerships. Located on the beautiful Pacific Coast of Northern Mexico, participants  are able to see Delfos in their home setting, observe classes at the Escuela Profesional de Danza de Mazatlán, attend performances at the historic Angela Peralta Theater and see one of the most vibrant and thriving cities for  the arts in Mexico.



Frontera Arts Meets Roth Arts  

Lynn Fisher of Frontera Arts collaborates with Elizabeth Roth of Roth Arts in developing and touring new work as well as providing reciprocal booking support. Roth Arts is a production and management company overseeing the touring activities of pre-eminent performing artists, with a particular interest in the traditional music of Ireland.  Lynn and Elizabeth collaborate on booking Masters of Tradition, The Gloaming and Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill. 

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girl gods 

girl gods, Choreographer Pat Graney’s newest full-evening work, will premiere in the Fall of 2015 at On The Boards in Seattle. The work will be available for touring in 2015 with National Dance Project Support.

girl gods explores the ancestry of women, family history, and rage.

The performance space is layered with dirt, tapping into the force of molten rage with a physical language that gives expression to the undomesticated, the buried and the repressed. The movement in girl gods is explosive and ritualistic, contrasting the simplicity and beauty of domesticated activities. Inside carved out walls of dirt with small, embedded video and family trees, the movement material is large, wild and arrhythmic,

Individual ancestor histories are represented through abstracted "visual genealogies" embedded within the dirt and amplified through projection and small monitors - as if the veins of the body are traced in dirt and the histories are carved out of the dirt's surface.

The work has both a performative element and an installation. Although girl gods is available for touring as a performance piece on its own, the fully-developed visual installation, which includes hundreds of weathered 1860 doll heads (porcelain doll heads and arms and legs from the Thurlingen doll factory in Germany) and video of the performers, is available for galleries or museums and can be on display while the performers are in residence at a local performance space. Each presenter can partner with a local visual art space to present both parts of the project.

In Ms. Graney’s last major work, House of Mind the performances took place within the installations, which were created collaboratively with community members. The notions of the communal, ritual, the social and relational are all important aspects of her work.

Booking and project management in collaboration with Roth Arts.

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