Alejandro Escuer

Alejandro Escuer is a Mexican musician (flute player) whose musical interpretations and compositions have broken new ground in Latin America.  Equally at ease improvising and performing solo with symphony orchestras or with piano, guitar, electronics, percussion or multimedia, Alejandro Escuer has been a driving force for the development of new music in Mexico.

He founded ONIX in 1996 and has been the artistic director and producer of more than one hundred concerts with more than sixty premieres in Mexico, Japan, the U.S., Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Hungary, Austria, Australia, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Costa Rica and many others. He has received prizes and awards, including a Rockefeller Foundation award, The National Interpreters Competition INBA (first prize) 1986, 1987; The National Scholarship Award for the Arts (UNAM) 1989, 1991, 1995; Líderes de México Honorary Award 1998, and many awards and fellowships from Fondo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes (FONCA). He is a full time tenured faculty at the Escuela Nacional de Musica (UNAM) and has given master classes and lectures across the American continent.  Currently he is a visiting Fulbright professor at Indiana University.

Alejandro Escuer holds degrees from Conservatorio Nacional de Música and Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México. He obtained his soloist degree from Sweelinck Conservatorium Amsterdam and his doctorate from New York University in 1995.

A multidisciplinary artist, incorporating painting, photography and design in his approach to music, Alejandro has released multiple solo albums, including Jade, Nocturno, Aqua, Aire Desnudo, and Folklore Imaginario.


José Luis Garcia Nava

José Luis Garcia Nava is an audio-visual artist. His work explores the relationship between audio-visual and real time in scenic arts interpretation.  

He has performed in museums and festivals both locally and abroad including the XX Manuel Enriquez New Music Forum, the Electronic Marathon of Electroacoustic Music International Biennial SISMO 04, International Festival of Electronic Arts, Video Transitio_mx01, International New Art Biennial Interactive 07 and the XI Music and Scenic International Festival.  He is a member of the Sistema Nacional de Arte del Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes.  

Rodrigo Sigal

Rodrigo Sigal has a Ph.D. in Electroacoustic composition from City University, London, England, a B.A. in composition from the Musical Studies and Research Center (CIEM) in Mexico and was a participant in a  workshop directed by Professor  and composer Mario Lavista.  Has has studied with Denis Smalley, Javier Alvarez, Franco Donatoni, Judith Weird, Michael Jarrel, Alejandro Velasco and Juan Trigo among others.  Rodrigo Sigal completed his post doctorate at the National School of Music in Mexico and he is the director of the Mexican Center for Music and Sonic Arts. He has a degree in Cultural Management and collaborates with artists and teaches in Mexico and other countries.  

He has been honored with many awards, prizes and fellowships including Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, CIEM, Banff Center for the Arts, Canada, The Sidney Perry Foundation, UK, Spanish Ministry of Culture among others.  

His work is available on 14 CD’s, his solo “Manifesto, Space Within,” and “B Blind C Ciego” receiving critical acclaim and radio broadcast in Mexico and abroad.  He regularly performs Lumínico with Flutist, Alejandro Escuer in different countries and since 1991 has been working as a composer, sound and recording engineer his his studios in Mexico, London and Santiago.  He composes chamber music, electroacoustic music and works for dance, cinema and other media. He is also a member of the Latin American Sonic Arts Network.