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Mission Statement

Frontera Arts aims to build, support and facilitate cross-cultural relationships in the performing arts among artists, presenters, managers and com- munities by exploring borders and forging new pathways. We are passionately committed to authentic communication anchored in understanding, openness and mutual respect.

Frontera Arts

Frontera Arts is an innovative consulting, booking and project management company that explores the performing arts by nurturing and maintaining relationships and creating connections in the field.   Having worked with gifted artists over many years Lynn Fisher was inspired to create Frontera Arts as a means to facilitate and deepen an open, ongoing dialogue among audiences and artists in the Americas.  Embracing cultural differences and commonalities, Frontera Arts is committed to finding new pathways that lead to opportunities for cross cultural communication, collaboration, exchange and creation.  

Frontera Arts works with artists and arts partners in a hands-on, detailed way, deeply perceiving the challenges and joys of the creative process and committed to creating the best possible engagements and projects for everyone.  Lynn strives to work seamlessly with artists and organizations which always start person to person in any framework.   

Frontera Arts provides a range of services including:


  • Experienced booking and tour management
  • Project management and consulting for artists and arts organizations
  • Identifying resources for connecting artists, arts partners, sponsors, arts organizations and communities, translation services, visa, tax and legal advice
  • Producing
  • Crafting in-depth residencies
  • Educational workshops and professional development
  • Facilitating and hosting trips to Mexico to see artists' work and engage in dialogue


Lynn Fisher is an asset to furthering cross cultural relationships in the performing arts.  She possesses a deep understanding and respect for performing artists, the ability to communicate performing arts infrastructures in the US to our arts communities in Latin America and the drive and openness to understand different systems, always looking for ways to develop lasting relationships. — Claudia Toni, Music Advisor, Centro Universitario, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil

Membership Organizations and Conferences

Arts Presenters - Attending 2015

International Society for the Performing Arts - Attending 2015

Western Arts Alliance

Midwest Arts Conference- Attending Sept. 9-12, 2013, Cafe Table Top #414

North American Performing Arts Managers and Agents

 Lynn Fisher’s ability to guide cross-border, cross-cultural projects all the way through to completion makes her an invaluable resource. Plus, she’s a lot of fun to work with. — Rebecca Blunk, Former Executive Director, New England Foundation for the Arts