Photo credit: Martin Gavica

Photo credit: Martin Gavica

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Jordan Reinwald,

Rogue Ballerina


Delfos surprises the children...they offer a special performance for grade school students in the Angela Peralta Theater and all are attentive to their art.

— Carlos Rodante, El Debate, Sinaloa, México

Ten years after their founding, Delfos have left in their wake a long career wherein succession of awards that backs up their interpretive quality.

— Carlos Ocampo, San Luis Hoy, SLP, México

Delfos has the body of a company and the heart of a group, bestowing upon us a collective and legible interpretive work with an undeniable emotional lineage done by talented artists.

— Valerio Cesio, Por la Danza Magazine, Madrid, Spain

Delfos has created an idyllic, energetic, touching, and visually attractive proposal with the choreography En Algún Lugar. A first class work! 

— Georgina Martínez, Noroeste, Mazatlán, Sinaloa

Delfos contemporary dance is a remarkable ensemble with a surplus of energy and velocity that last performed in Winnipeg at the 1999 Pan American Games.

— Garth Buchholz, Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg, Canada


Selected Reviews

…An unforced tour de force.

— Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times

…one of the most important dance companies in Latin America.

— Celeste Fraser Delgado, The Miami Herald

…insistent musicality…these excellent performers were not afraid to plunge into dramatic situations.

— Guillermo Perez, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

…gifted dancers…

— Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice

…touching but equally athletic…brings an enthralling virtuosity yet poignancy…

— Hillary Ostlere, Financial Times

Delfos is a forceful example that youth is not necessarily synonymous with chaos and upheaval. It gives the opportunity to confirm that dance is and has been a totally eloquent language.

— Patricia Cardona, Uno más Uno, México

In Delfos we can see flourishing and manifest talent.

— Patricia Cardona,Uno más Uno, México

Delfos is now moving into the highest levels of contemporary dance in Mexico and Latin America.

— Rosario Manzanos, Proceso Magazine, México


Sublime would be an apt final description of Bolero where we are presented with the extraordinary richness of a group, lauded worldwide, carries with it the mark of genius: Delfos, the best thing at the 34th conference of the Festival Cervantino.

— Gonzalo Valdés, El Universal/ México

The men are gorgeous, the women are lithe and beautiful and the choreography original. This amazing company is an outstanding ensemble.

— Phyllis Goldman, Show Guide East Off Broadway, New York, NY


Delfos presented a show that hooked the public with its spectacular aesthetic, color and showmanship.

— La Crónica de León / León, Spain