• 3 microphones Shure Beta 58 or similar
  • 3 microphones Shure Beta 57 or similar
  • 2 microphones AKG C414 or similar (condenser)
  • 8 stands with boom for microphones
  • Microphone cables (XLR) to connect microphones to the mixer board (enough to cover the distance depending on the venue)
  • 1 Mixer Yamaha DM1000 or similar with a minimum of 4 auxiliary outs and 8 buses (or better)
  • Audio cables Plug-Plug (TRS) balanced to connect audio card (from computer) to mixer (length depending on the venue)
  • For a multichannel system (sound diffusion) 8 active speakers (minimum or more depending on the size of venue) Mackie HD1531 or similar
  • (for a big concert hall it will be necessary 16 or 24 active speakers )
  • 1 subwoofer Mackie SWA1801z or similar (2 in a big concert hall or one SWA2801z) 4 active stage monitors Mackie SRM450v2 or similar
  • 1 Reverb/processor Lexicon PCM96 or similar


  • 3 Projectors with XGA input (5000 to 10,000 ANSI-lumens but depends on venue)
  • 3 screens (or surface), of 6m X 4m minimum (depending of the room size), is better to have back projection if the dimensions of the theatre allows to put the projector on the back of the screen
  • 1 Video cable VGA to connect the output source from the stage to each projector and remote controls (wireless) and cables for the three projectors
  • 1 DVD player NTSC or multi-region
  • 1 video splitter XGA 1 input / 4 output (to send the same source to different projectors)
  • 1 video switcher with component video output, with 4 input and 2 output (minimum) 1 audio cable (mono) plug – mini-plug (1/4 to 3.5 mm) of 25 m long
  • 2 SVGA monitors of 12" to 16"
  • 2 video cameras with component video out, with tripod
  • 2 video cables (component video) of 30m long
  • 1 video switcher with component video input with 4 inputs and 1 output (this can be brought by the technician, but it is important to let us know the characteristics of the electric installations of the place (120Volts, 60Hz) and the video specifications (NTSC)


  • 4 tables (each: 2 X 1 meters minimum)
  • Several black cloths to cover the tables
  • 1 table at the entrance for the promotion of materials and a person to help with this, if possible.
  • 6 chairs
  • 6 music stands with lights
  • Enough power extensions
  • 5 Power distribution units
  • A backstage place (dressing room) with bottles of water


Illumination and the screen position will be determined by the characteristics of the space. It is important to consider that illumination shall not provoke shadows in the video projection. We require the illumination and stage charts in advance to define details.

Rehearsal and Set-up

  • At least one day previous of the presentation, access to the venue for rehearsal and set-up approximately for 10hrs.
  • On the day of the concert, access to the venue for rehearsal, enough hours apart from the presentation.
  • Sound check, at least one hour before concert. Lighting technician and audio personnel

Venue manager

  • Water bottles
  • Lodging and transportation (variable)
  • Single rooms for each member from previous day to general set up Economy return flights from each member's hometown
  • Local transportation between venue, hotel, airport, etc.
  • Meals and/or per diem for each member

This information can be sent to: info@luminico.org

In case of any doubt or change in the technical equipment, it is indispensable to send technical proposal and confirm details.